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AllGrow is an organization dedicated to generating social impact and fostering systemic change in Romania. 

We believe that in order to grow, we need to collaborate, and in doing so we are stronger and can design solutions to systemic problems. 

Our sister organization AllGrow Consulting LLC. operates at global level and follows the same philosophy. 





Change Architects is an AllGrow initiative aiming to create a space where youths become the architects of their own future. 

Our ecosystem fosters change makers and triggers a ripple effect in the communities where we work.

Students experience the change process and develop new competencies. They contribute to solving important problems for themselves and their community.

Teachers facilitate the application of the design thinking methodology and create a conducive environment for the students. Teachers receive support and access to tools and resources.

Supporters MeRCI (Mentor, Role Model, Changemaker, Investor) guide students through their projects, bring new perspectives, help students organize their thoughts and help scale the project to a larger audience.


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Phone: +40  726 158 632 sau +1 404 610 3556

Email: info@allgrowconsulting.com                    

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