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The All Grow Association wants to bring systemic change in Romania by developing social innovations.



The Change Architects method is based on the Design Thinking and Maker Education methods and promotes social entrepreneurship and community development. The combination of these elements in the Romanian educational context led to the emergence of the Change Architects method. Our method is developed over several iterations and is based on the principles of continuous and agile learning.
Our results include the achievement of social innovations developed by students and the facilitation of teachers with the support of mentors and capacity building at the teacher level and inclusion in a group of continuous innovation in education called innovative teachers .
School Days


During the three stages: ORIENTATION, ACCELERATION and REPLICATION, teachers facilitate classroom activities during which students build a change project that is implemented. At the end of the 3 stages, teachers are invited to be part of the community of innovative teachers.


For the first time
students discover how they can become agents of change in their communities through  development of a
community project  
using the Design Thinking method  facility of


At the second level  
students continue to   develop the idea with   with the help of a  mentor.   The aim is to increase the impact of the initiatives led by
students by refining ideas into one product or service that can be replicated in several


to  level three
students will continue to work
with the mentor. The purpose of this step   It is  replication of the product or service  developed by students
in as many places as possible.  At this level students can access  Fund
of Social Innovation


After completing the at least 2 stages during which projects are developed teachers will be invited to enter the community of innovative teachers and selected based on an interview.
Image by Ian Schneider
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