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Community development initiatives are our area of expertise and we help organizations build and implement such initiatives in partnership with us. The projects built in partnership with us are based on the design thinking method and are aligned with the strategic objectives of the organizations, are sustainable and have a long-term impact. Thus we combine the needs of companies with the needs of communities to build a collaborative ecosystem that leads to progress.  

An example of such an initiative is the organization of Impact Day - Discovery Channel Romania in collaboration with Lehliu-Gară Secondary School in Călărași.

Initiatives are built together with the beneficiaries, and the duration and content depends on the needs of the beneficiaries, available resources and areas of interest.


What we can do together with you:

- the design of an initiative that is aligned with the organization's objectives

- the involvement of employees in activities that contribute to their development and the communities where they live

- evaluation and measurement of the created impact and its documentation

- the sustainability of the initiative and its integration into the activities of the Association 

- the possibility to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

- building initiatives together with the community with respect and empathy

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