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Media Innovators

The Media Innovators project is run by the AllGrow Association and financed by the Effective program Civic, developed by FDSC - Foundation for the Development of Civil Society in partnership with RAF - Romanian American Foundation and with the support of CJI - Center for Independent Journalism. The project will take place between April and September 2023.

The basic goal of the project is to support young people in developing the necessary skills de Media Literacy through a series of dynamic and interactive learning experiences. Using Design Thinking and hands-on learning, youngii (+14 years) will build an online Media Literacy curriculum that will be widely distributed. The ultimate goal is to help coeducating as many young people as possible about the difference between facts and opinions and the consequences of misinformation in our era.

During the activities carried out within the project, young people will also develop other essential skills in the 21st century, such as critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, problem solving, but also technological and digital skills.

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Project activities

Within the project, 15 teachers from the whole country are invited to participate, along with 300 students who will benefit from their coordination. After the selection process, teachers will enjoytwo sessionsof training and will coordinate the teams of students helped by an informative guide including the methods to be used to favor the process of education about the media.


The students participating in the project will become familiar with the concept of Media Literacy in order to later illustrate it through 10 videos and 10 educational podcasts that they will present to their colleagues. Participation in the camp will be based on the concepts to be sent. We estimate to have 10 participating schools, each represented by 5 students and a teacher. The videos and podcasts will be made by students in the Media Literacy camp, which will take place in July in Lepșa, Vrancea and will then be presented at the Online Media Innovators Festival.


Enrollment in the project

                           3-14 Aprilie


Implementation of 4 45 min classroom activities with students aged 14+

26 Aprilie - 16 Iunie


Participation in the Media Innovators Camp in Lepșa



Promotion of online content

August - Septembrie


Online Training  

April 24-25

24-25 Aprilie Online


Submitting video and podcast concepts

1 Iunie - 1 Iulie


Completion of Videos and Podcasts



Participation in the Online Media Innovators Festival


Videoclipurile Elevilor 

Media Innovators - Episodul 1 - Șantajul o formă de Bullying

Media Innovators - Episodul 1 - Șantajul o formă de Bullying

Media Innovators - Episodul 2 - Malinformation în rândul tinerilor

Media Innovators - Episodul 1 - Șantajul o formă de Bullying

Media Innovators Videos

Media Innovators - Episode 1 - Blackmail a form of Bullying

Media Innovators - Episode 3 - Misinformation among young people - Influencer vs "Influencer"

Media Innovators - Episode 5 - Cyberbullying

Media Innovators - Episode 2 - Malinformation among young people

Media Innovators - Episode 4 - Informing young people during the electoral process - Deep fake

Media Innovators - Episode 6 - Correct information among young people

Media Innovators Podcast

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