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This course will familiarize participants with the design thinking method and how it can be applied in the classroom. The course was designed together with a group of innovative teachers who applied the method in the classroom and wants to be as practical and useful as possible for teachers. During the activities, the participants discover the stages of the design thinking method and how it can be used to realize social innovation projects and to build innovative activities centered on the needs of students that contribute to the development of key skills.  At the end of this course, participants will be able to: apply the design thinking method in the classroom,, to carry out a project with students that contributes to the development of key skills  and to collaborate with other teaching staff to exchange best practices and collaborative ideas.

The course includes 6 work modules and an orientation module. Each week you need to dedicate 5 to 6 hours to complete platform activities, complete individual and group assignments, implement classroom activities, and attend weekend group meetings.

The course will start on February 12 with the orientation session and will end on April 7.

To participate in the course, it is necessary to pay the fee of 49 RON to the account of the All Grow Association, opened at Banca Transilvania Account: RO74BTRLRONCRT0526214401

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a diploma and certificate of participation.


Start with an open mind, really listen to what students have to say, encourage them when they feel they are just getting in the way, show them due respect and give them the opportunity to grow emotionally and in terms of skills and abilities .”


"This course is not a typical course, because it does not involve passive participation. It involves sustained work, activities actually carried out with the students! It requires time, availability, openness, interaction!”


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