AllGrow  believes that in order to grow, we need to collaborate, and in doing so we are stronger and can design solutions to systemic problems. 


Change Architects is an AllGrow initiative aiming to create a space where students become the architects of their own future. Our approach combines design thinking and social entrepreneurship. Change Architects develops 21st century skills and even more importantly the students gain self confidence and the courage to create change. 

Our initiative is unique because it creates a change ecosystem formed by teachers, mentors and students who come together to design and grow social innovations with the goal to create bottom up systemic change.

Level 1



For the first-time students experience how they can become change agents in their communities by developing a community project using the Design Thinking method facilitated by their teacher.

Level 2



At the second level students continue to develop thier ideas further with the support of a mentor. The goal is to increase the impact of students initiatives into a product or service which can be replicared in many places.

Level 3



At the third level the students will continue to work with thier mentor. At this level the goal is to bring their product or service to the market. At this level students are eligible to access the social innovation fund.​












I learned that some people even if they don't know you, will appreciate your work when others will not, but this helps because all opinions matter you just need to know how to handle them.

6th grade student

I became braver, optimistic and  confident in everything I do.

4th grade student 

The people who know us believe more in us because they could see that we can do more.

7th grade student

Change Architects gave me the opportunity to help my student discover that they have the power to inspire change, find creative solutions to challenges they face and prove to themselves that nothing is impossible. The most important lesson was that even if this was not a compulsory activity, they participated and by doing so, they realized that they have a role to play in their own communities.

Carmen  – teacher at Ioan Opriș Secondary School, Turda, Cluj

When  you work hard and with purpose you will definitely succeed.

7th grade student

I felt that we can create change when we work together as a team!

6th grade student

I am really happy that I had the chance to learn from my students group (Salvatorii apei). They have an incredible energy and are determined to change the world. I am delighted that I was able to guide and support them in their mission to put their ideas into actions. I encourage them to complete all the projects they started and will start in their life journey.

Matei, Mentor at Vasile Conta Primary School, Iași


You have the power to give students the I CAN SuperPower! 

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