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Entrepreneurs - Role Models for Youth

The Entrepreneurs - Role Models for Youth project aims to promote entrepreneurship in education, presenting it as a viable career option for young people, by bringing 10 Romanian-American entrepreneurs into the school ecosystem.

The "Entrepreneurs - Role Models for Youth" project is run by the All Grow Association and financed by the Small Annual Grants of the United States Embassy in Romania, in fiscal year 2023.


The project is based on the Design Thinking method carried out during 5 steps: Empathize, Imagine, Act, Reflect and Communicate. Based on our research and observations, we estimate that this project will contribute to the development of communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, digital skills and entrepreneurial thinking. 

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Project activities

We estimate that over 250 young people, from 10 different schools, will participate in activities facilitated by their teachers, focused on innovation and the development of 21st century skills.


10 online meetings with entrepreneurs, in addition to teacher-facilitated classroom activities, will inspire youth, promote American culture, and increase their understanding of the United States' entrepreneurial outlook.

At the end of the project we will organize a Future Festival where students from all over the country will interact with entrepreneurs, present their business ideas and learn about the latest trends in technology.


Enrollment of schools in the project

                          October 1 - December 1 


Identifying and attracting Romanian-American entrepreneurs

December - January 


Meeting of students with entrepreneurs

January   - June, 2024


Promote videos and build community of entrepreneurs

March - June


Online training of teachers

December Online


Implementation of classroom activities

December 2023 - June 2024


Visits to schools by entrepreneurs (2)

March - June


Participation in the Future Festival Online 

May June

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