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 The Role Models project aims to connect professionals from various fields with students for the development of a critical and innovative sense regarding the right career choice, and above all, the development of critical thinking skills in order to choose a career.

Using the Design Thinking method facilitated by teaching staff, students have access to innovative counseling to create their own career path. Thus we offer students the opportunity to broaden their career horizons. A key element is connecting with 1-2 professionals whose careers align with students' interests, hobbies, skills, or career preferences (if any). When possible, job shadowing or work visit can also be done​.


Those who want to become Role Models are invited to enter the page ofSupporters in the Role Models section.

Teachers interested in offering this opportunity to students can register below starting November 1, 2023.

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​​ ”I feel like I got out of my comfort zone because I didn't have the same kind of conversation that I have every day. I've discovered how powerful honesty and openness can be when you can talk on an equal footing with anyone of any age and talk freely and be receptive. I was left with the immense joy of having a positive impact. After all, that was the ultimate goal."

Role Model 


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