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 Companies engagement

Legal entities can support the activities of the All Grow Association in various ways that are beneficial both for the company and for the Association and the communities where we work. Thus we have various ways in which an organization can decide to support our activities. These are just a few examples that have worked for us, but every organization is different and we are open to exploring win-win/win-win ideas and initiatives together.

Redirect 20%

If you have legal personality, you can redirect 20% of your income tax to the AllGrow Association. Here is how you can do it.

The sponsorship law and the Fiscal Code allow any micro-enterprise or company to sponsor within the limit of 20% of the income tax and to benefit from tax facilities, under certain conditions provided by law.


At the end of each quarter, the income tax is calculated and the amount that can be redistributed must not exceed the maximum percentage of 20%. For micro-enterprises,   the difference of 80% of the tax due will go to the state budget.


Complete the sponsorship contract and send it to the All Grow Association. The contract can be downloaded fromhere.


Transfer the sponsorship amount to the AllGrow Association account by the last day of the current quarter. Registration of sponsorship in accounting.


Complete and send to ANAF Statement 107 for all sponsorships carried out in 2021 in January of the following year. 


Employee engagement

Opportunities for your employees to volunteer and contribute to a cause by donating their time or resources. This can be a year-round initiative or a one-day community event. It is also an opportunity to motivate them and increase satisfaction with the employer.

Redirect 20% 

Now you can redirect 20% of your income tax and promote our initiative to your employees to redirect 3.5%. There is no cost to your organization for this activity.

Community project

You propose a challenge that you want to find a solution to, and we can mobilize the student to work to solve it. Students have incredible ideas out of the box and we can guarantee that they will surprise you. Did I make you curious?

Sponsor a project

Sponsor a project you like and help us increase our impact: we come to you with a project that has been tested to increase the chances of success and impact. We took this risk because we respect your time and resources.

Material donation

Support existing groups of students and teachers to access teaching materials, school supplies. If you have furniture, electronics or other materials that you no longer need, we are happy to find a new use for them. 

Purchase a service offered by us

We can organize a series of workshops for your employees on design thinking, intrapreneurship and sustainability. Our team can organize special events and activities in your community that have a long-term impact.

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