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A podcast that highlights the voice of children, their passions and concerns.

Episode 1. Sports

How important is sport in the eyes of a 2nd grade boy? In this episode, Tudor shares his passion for football in a half-time discussion. Also here we find out the role of sports in children's lives (and not only!) and what are the reasons why sometimes we don't find time for a little daily exercise. Enjoy!

Episode 2. Art 

Who can create art? Does this have any importance? What does art mean from the perspective of a 2nd grade girl in this episode, where Olivia shares her passion for art in a half-time discussion. Also here we find out why children no longer have time for artistic activities and what are the reasons why stress creates more than a momentary state. Enjoy!

Episode 3. The Importance of Hobbies

What are hobbies? Do they still have any importance for today's children? But for the big ones? In this episode, Miruna shares with us what her passions are and why it is important to do what we like for at least a few minutes a day. Also here we find out how the school encourages the practice of hobbies and what can be done better, said in a beautiful and warm way specific to Miruna. Enjoy!

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